Apple's iPad now in use in all American Airlines cockpits

Posted by Sophie at Jun 25th, 2013 21:11 under category Knowledge

3 months after the The Federal Aviation Administration granted preliminary approval for the use of iPads  in airplane cockpits, and 1 month following the news  that Alaska Airlines would replace paper flight manuals with the iPad, American Airlines has announced they too will begin using the iPad in the cockpit.


Apple Insider reports: "The completion of American Airlines' iPad rollout has allowed the company to discontinue paper revisions to its terminal charts. American Airlines is now the first major commercial airline company to fully utilize tablets in all cockpits during all phases of flight.

In all, more than 8,000 iPads have been issued to active pilots and trainers. That's allowed American to eliminate 24 million pages of paper documents.

American Airlines chose the iPad to serve as its official electronic flight bag for pilots. The switch eliminates the need to carry a 35-pound kitbag from all of the company's planes.

It's projected that the use of the iPad as an electronic flight bag will save American Airlines 400,000 gallons of gas, or $1.2 million worth of fuel, every year. The carrier has also eliminated 24 million pages of paper documents."

Use of the Apple iPad will provide lower paper printing and distribution expenses, and reduced fuel consumption due to the weight of the device (1.5 lbs.) replacing paper flight manuals easily weighing 35 pounds or more.



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