Useful iPad tips

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We want to share with you some useful tips to use your iPad!

  • Organize your apps with folders

To create a folder, simply hold your finger down on an app's icon until all of the apps begin to shake. Next, just drag it on top of another app and the iPad will create a folder containing the apps. To add more apps in the folder, simply drag them over and drop them on the newly-created folder.

  • Quick onscreen music controls

To skip a song, you can either go into your music app, or you can go to the onscreen music controls. These controls are a little hidden, but they are easy to locate...

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How to improve your iPhone's battery efficiency

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We share some tips to save your iPhone's battery.


1 – Reset Adjusts and delete information saved, so it can start again like a new iPhone.

Adjusts > General > Reconnect > Reconnect red adjusts


2 – Deactivate Bluetooth.

Adjusts > General > Bluetooth


3 – Edit your Notifications Center.

Adjusts > Notification > Turn out what you don’t need!


4 – Deactivate iCloud, so it won’t be in contact with servers all the time and you’ll save battery!

Adjusts > General > iCloud > Turn out what you don’t need!


5 – Turn out localization servers. You’ll save battery if you don’t...

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Some little tips for your iPhone!

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There are some tips for you iPhone's daily use. Today we'll share those for you:


Set a time range for Do Not Disturb


Do Not Disturb is a new feature in iOS 6 that lets you silence all incoming text messages, phone calls and notifications.

You can toggle Do Not Disturb under Settings, or you can set up daily quiet hours by going to

Settings > Notifications

and selecting Do Not Disturb at the top of the screen.

From there, you can set a time range, always allow calls from certain contacts and prevent silencing on repeated calls.




Find your iPhone

If you can't find...

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